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Simple Switches to Elevate Your Event Branding

 Easy Changes to Bring Additional Value to Your Graphics Without Additional Costs

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From wayfinding to “what’s for lunch and everything in between, graphics play an important role at every event.  Optimizing your signage means something different to everyone, but finding ways to make your signage versatile with a big impact and without a big price tag is something we can all agree on.  Below we’ll explore some simple switches you can employ on your existing graphics and giveaways that can help you boost your branding, bring value to your attendees and sponsors, and look great while being informative without driving up your signage budget. 

Switch Out Idle Time 
Whether it’s standing in line to get registered or waiting for a breakout session to start, there’s inevitably going to be some downtime at an event.  Rather than leave your attendees or guests bored or mindlessly scrolling through social media, use this idle time for something productive!  Use your graphics to educate your attendees on event activities or your sponsors and keynote speakers!  Use a bathroom mirror decal to let guests know about an upcoming panel discussion with the speaker’s social media pages or line your registration area with sponsor banners with QR codes so your guests can scan to learn more about them while they wait.  Feel free to get creative with your placement; spots like empty spaces on an interior elevator wall are perfect for items like decals to remind guests of their choice of interactive activities like yoga or morning runs!

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Learn On The Go
So we’ve discussed branding for idle time, but what about branding on the go?  If your guests have to navigate through a lot of long hallways to get from one breakout room to the next, consider signage that utilizes your wall and floor space in creative ways.  Use these hallways to build fun and immersive installations, like the historical timeline of your company made of wall decals or fun, event-relevant trivia on floor decals that double as wayfinding signage!  Alternatively, consider gamifying these graphics with a scavenger hunt looking for particular images that you hide along the hallways or elevators.  Using your guest’s on-site transit time to inject a little fun or education makes for a memorable way to pass the time and can even help them remember the layout of your venue a little better!

Elevate Your Event’s Sustainability and Messaging
If your company is working towards a green initiative, you’re likely choosing eco-conscious materials for your signage.  If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn about the material’s sustainability!  Make guests aware of how your event or organization is working towards its green goals by including it in your graphics!  Small additions at the bottom with verbiage like “PVC and Phthalate Free” or “100% Biodegradable” can use eco buzzwords to your advantage.  If your budget allows, consider dedicating a sign or two for some additional information or measurable statistics!  Figures like how many foamcore signs you’ve saved from a landfill by opting for reusable/recyclable units or how much food waste you’re anticipating eliminating with your on-site compost collection are a few great talking points for highlighting your company’s green values. 

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Utilizing Windows and Walls
One of the simplest ways to make a big impact is, well, big signage!  Large-scale wall or window decals offer unique options that can not only inform guests but also dress up your space for a little atmosphere and branding.  Consider using these spaces to display event schedules, sponsor lists, or other busy graphics for stellar photo backdrops.  Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with these designs either and lean into your space!  If your venue features multiple windows in a lobby, break up your schedule across multiple window decals organized by day instead of consolidating your entire schedule on a single banner.  This makes the information easier to read and digest, boosts your brand’s visibility, and adds to your event’s overall visual cohesion.  The best part about decals is they allow you to get creative with the shape and scale meaning your graphics can be just as unique as your venue!

Go Beyond Welcome Banners
It’s not just walls and windows that are ripe for branding, aim for the stars…or at least the ceiling! The spaces above and on the sides of a venue entranceway are great areas for out-of-the-box welcome signage.  If your venue allows, consider framing your entrance with decals that connect to form a branded welcome archway.  This makes for an immediate wow factor when guests enter and some high-visibility branding in the post-event photos on social media!

Double Up
When it comes to branding at an event, swag bags and giveaways are one of the first things that come to mind - and for good reason!  This is part of the event that guests can take home with them to incorporate into their everyday lives.  Getting your attendees a gift they’ll love and use is key to boosting the brand visibility the giveaway provides.  Sometimes a big gift isn’t in the budget but partnering with a sponsor to co-brand a high-end item can make an otherwise steep price tag a little more palatable!  Consider replacing a traditional plastic drinkware giveaway with a co-branded name-brand piece like Yeti, Stanley, or Hydroflask.  Ask your vendor about multiple imprint areas and you might just be surprised that splitting the cost on a co-branded promo item can actually save you some money!


Let’s Get Branding!
Hopefully, this quick read has given you some ideas to step up the signage and giveaways at your next event to leave your attendees feeling engaged, educated, and enthralled.  If you’re looking for more ways to elevate your graphics game be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Meeting & Event Graphics for an in-depth look at all things signage - from how to pick the best banner for your intended use to creative and clever ways to dress up a non-traditional venue!  Graphics aren’t the only way you can differentiate your event either.  We have blogs that explore how you can utilize networking opportunities, content, and sponsorship to make your event (whatever the size) stand out from the competition!

Zack Malpass
Written by Zack Malpass

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