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The Ultimate Guide to Meeting & Event Graphics

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Note: Blog updated 5/3 to include all our graphics blogs.

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From wayfinding to what's for dinner, graphics are everywhere at an event - making one of the biggest factors in your on-site branding efforts.  This blog explores some simple design changes you can employ to elevate your branding and boost your attendee experience at the same time!  Take a look at how your designs and where you place your graphics can make all the difference in how your audience engages with them!

From vineyards and museums to rooftop bars and cruise ships, non-traditional venues are a great way to make your event stand out and create a more memorable atmosphere for your guests.  This blog explores some unique signage for your unique venue and shares ways you can synergize your graphics to elevate your branding, your space, and your attendee’s experience!

In a time when live events are surging, attracting attendees to your meeting means standing out from the crowd.  From creative ways to save space to awesome ways you can incorporate your venue’s architecture into your designs, this blog explores all the ways you can leverage your event graphics to differentiate your meeting from the competition, help hit your registration goals, and leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Did you know sustainability was ranked as one of the top priorities for event planners in 2023?  From venues that use their own renewable energy sources to branded giveaways made from biodegradable plastic alternatives, there are lots of ways planners are going green!  This blog explores some green alternatives to traditional event signage to help make hitting your sustainability goals easier than ever.

From boosting brand visibility on stage during a speaker event, providing a professional backdrop for photo opportunities, or simply dressing up a bigger-than-usual empty space, step and repeat backdrops are a must-have for any event.  This blog explores the various types of large-scale signage and the strengths (and limitations) of each to help you choose the perfect backdrop for your next live event.

From wayfinding directional signage and marking important breakout sessions to thanking sponsors and advertising immersive event activities, easel-based signage is an important part of on-site communication.  The type of material these signs can be printed on is just as varied as the sign's usage.  From biodegradable disposable signage to help you maintain your eco-friendly efforts to durable, reusable signs you can use year after year, this blog covers the different types of easel-based signage materials to help pair you with the perfect fit for your next event.

When it comes to traditional event signage, banners are a staple of every event planner's arsenal.  Whether it’s a retractable unit you can use across multiple events or a disposable unit that’s completely recyclable, this blog aims to make finding the right banner for your particular needs as easy as operating these versatile units.  Take a look at the considerations for each banner style, and then use our corresponding Free-standing or Retractable blogs to find the best option for you!

If you’ve already determined that the Free-standing banner style is best for your event, this blog is for you!  Inside we explore the different types of free-standing units and how you can use them at your event to thank sponsors, advertise agendas, welcome attendees, and much more.  Each retractable unit has unique features to take into consideration when picking the best product for the job, and this blog aims to streamline your shopping experience!

The alternative to our Free-standing banner companion, this blog dives into the ins and outs of all the various types of retractable units.  While all retractable units are built to last, this blog explores some of the features that make each stand unique and how you can leverage these features to elevate the attendee experience at your next event.  If you’re considering a retractable banner at your next event, this blog is for you!


Simple Switches to Elevate Branding_Email (2)

Ready to discover how simple tweaks to your event graphics can transform their impact without breaking the bank?  This blog explores how to make your graphics versatile, impactful, and budget-friendly, adding value to your event and delighting attendees and sponsors alike!

Uses for QR Codes at Events_Email (2)

Unlock the potential of QR codes in event planning! This blog dives into creative and innovative ways to integrate these versatile tools into your meetings. We’ll explore everything from pre-event engagement to on-site convenience and post-event follow-ups.  Check this blog out to learn how you can enhance the attendee experience and streamline event management.

Accessible and Inclusive Signage_Email (1)

Integrating DEI principles into your events enhances attendee experiences and boosts business success (not to mention meeting legal requirements). In this blog we’ll explore practical tips for creating accessible event signage that resonates with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and identities, ensuring every participant feels valued and respected.


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