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The Meeting Planner’s Ultimate Guide to Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Events 

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Green Gifts, Green Meetings - Utilizing Plastic Alternatives for a More Sustainable Event

If you’re making the transition to more sustainable events and looking for a great place to start, this blog is for you.  Here we dive into some plastic alternative materials and how they might line up with different types of sustainable initiatives your company may be implementing!

Green Gifts_linkedin


Sustainable Event Signage
Whether it’s a brand new unique material or something a little more traditional, this blog explores all the ways you can make your graphics more eco-conscious; all without sacrificing size, visibility, or graphics altogether. 

A woman at a registration desk greets a man by shaking his hand.  Assorted event materials are on the registration table including a tabletop sign and agendas.  In the background, event attendees explore the venue that is populated with retractable banners.


Green Meetings - A Start to Finish Guide for Sustainable Events
Explore some of the latest and most creative ways to make your next event more sustainable!  This guide walks you through planning a green event from the planning phase until long after your last attendee has left. 


People are entering a hotel lobby to form a line in front of a table with a white tablecloth that reads "Earth Expo Registration".  Gift bags are on the table and behind is a large display that says "Earth Expo" with various earth day images from decades past on it.


How to Differentiate Your Event - Borrowing Equity and Goodwill from Eco-Friendly and B Corp Brands
Learn all about social initiatives, the brands that support them, and how to incorporate these trends in your next event.  Leveraging brands with initiatives can elevate your own brand, increase your value to sponsors, and ensure your attendees get the most out of their event experience!

Woman examines a water bottle and is imagining a lush forest in a thought bubble.  Behind her, a man stands at a desk holding the bottles ready to distribute them to two waiting individuals


Sustainability and Circularity in the Events Industry
Sustainability through circularity is popular among event planners for a multitude of reasons. Learn exactly what circularity is and how you can use it when planning your event for a better meeting for both the environment and your attendees

The graphic is divided into two halves.  On the left half a woman at a registration desk is handing over a gift bag to a woman.  The right half shows the woman at her home office with the contents of the gift bag unpacked (a salad shaker, a reusable cup, and a reusable straw) and being used by her as she works on a computer.


Eco-Friendly Products for Your Next Green Event
Explore some of the trendiest, environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional materials in this promo-minded blog. We dive into all reclaimed, reusable, recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly gifts for your next event!

A woman sits at a desk with "Eco Friendly Products" written on the wall behind her.  On the desk are several items - a backpack, a bamboo tumbler, a wheatstraw cup with straw, a solar desk clock, and a wheatstraw mug.


Sustainable Events -Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Green Meetings
With attendees valuing and expecting sustainability from events more and more each year, incorporating green initiatives into events is more important than ever.  This blog lays down some fundamental tips, tricks, and best practices for hosting the perfect green event.

Sunny meeting room where 7 individuals are seated listening to a man give a presentation.  Around the room are various event graphics - a retractable banner, an easel sign, and a table with a backpack and coffee cups on it

Sustainable Terms Glossary
Keeping up with the ever-changing buzzwords surrounding sustainability can be just as challenging as planning a green meeting!  This constantly updated glossary highlights the most common industry terms to look out for when sourcing graphics, promos, venues, and menu items at your next sustainable event!

Glossary of Sustainable Terms_Linkedin


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Written by Zack Malpass

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