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Madison Avenue, Inc. COVID-19 Resources

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Our employees here at Madison Avenue, Inc have worked tirelessly to gather information, create COVID-19 resources, and recommend the best COVID-19 related products. This page is a resource hub for COVID-19 information and best practices when it comes to reopening businesses, resuming events, health and safety, working remotely, and more. Check back often for up-to-date resources. 

Masks, Sanitizer, and Health & Safety Giveaways
Working From Home

How to Reopen Your Business After COVID-19. A Room By Room Guide and Checklist→ To help prepare your business for a safe reopening, we've created a room by room guide and checklist based on the CDC guidelines and various local and state ordinances. This guide includes recommended interior and exterior Social Distancing, Health and Safety, Directional and Entrance signs, and products to make this transition as painless as possible.
COVID-19 and Safety Solutions LookBook→ Our detailed crisis management Lookbook includes interior and exterior safety signage solutions and other precautionary measures to help businesses communicate operational changes due to COVID-19, and ensure employee and customer protection and well-being.
COVID-19 Health and Safety Sign Designs→ Our collection of Covid-19 related signage, products, and designs to help enforce safety at any establishment.
Travel Tips For Flying Safely During COVID-19→ Beyond the CDC's recommendations of wearing a face mask, regularly washing your hands, and social distancing, we're sharing expert advice and other precautions can you take to remain as safe as possible when flying during COVID-19.

Event Strategies for Healthy & Safe Events and Meetings - CDC Guidelines for Events & Gatherings→ As restrictions around meetings, events, and gatherings begin to loosen, following CDC guidelines, promoting healthy behaviors, and maintaining a healthy environment is crucial in ensuring your attendees and staff feel safe and confident in participating in your event.
Tips For Keeping Your Event Hygienic Amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak→ When it comes to planning events in today’s climate, implementing cautionary measures before and during your event is vital to enhance the overall health and safety for all in attendance.
Hybrid or Virtual Events? Tips for Keeping Remote Events Engaging & Different Than a Typical Webinar→ How do you offer the same experience and value to attendees as your typical in-person event does? We’ve got the tips on keeping remote events engaging and different than a typical webinar.
10 Best Apps for Virtual Events and Trade Shows→ As technology advances, virtual events are becoming more normalized. How do you choose the best platform for you? Here are the top free and paid virtual event software.
How to Pick the Best Backdrop for Video Meetings or Virtual Events→Whether you're proudly showing off your company branding, making a big visual impact, or simply hiding the home office you haven't cleaned all week, video backdrops offer numerous advantages to help you maintain a sleek level of professionalism in any environment.
Tips for Engaging Attendees Through Virtual EventsTo help you discover new ways to engage your audience virtually, we’re sharing the best immersive activities and engagement tips for creating memorable attendee experiences.

Masks, Sanitizer, and Health & Safety Giveaways 
What Mask is Best for You? Differences in Face Coverings Explained→ Personal safety masks are both an affordable and convenient way to show your customers, employees, or attendees that you care about their personal wellbeing. As you’ve likely noticed, there are a variety of face coverings to choose from which can present a challenge when it comes to making a purchase. To make your decision a bit easier, we've listed out the differences between the prevalent face coverings you've seen floating around these past few months in our "What Mask is Right for You?" buying guide.
Differences in Hand Sanitizers Explained→ With hand sanitizers in increasingly high demand, more and more varieties are popping up on the shelves. To help you determine which hand sanitizer or dispenser is best for your company, we’ve created a guide including the differences in hand sanitizer options and important factors to consider when shopping for sanitizer. 
Differences in UV Sanitizers Explained→ When it comes to cell phones, computer keyboards, keys, and other high-touch possessions, Ultraviolet, or UV, sanitizers are the most effective way to sanitize these most often-touched items. Discover the UV sanitizer device that will fit your needs with our guide.
Trending Products→ COVID-19 related products including face coverings, hand sanitizers, wipes, dispensers, touchless tools, safety kits, sneeze guards, and more.

Face Coverings→ Help put minds at ease by providing custom branded face masks to your guests, customers, members, or employees. Providing custom face masks offers unique branding opportunities, can help to enforce safety measures, and can generate goodwill.
Hand Sanitizers, Wipes, and Dispensers→ As businesses open back up, prevent the spread of germs by providing employees, customers, members, and guests with a convenient method to clean their hands.
Touchless Tools, Safety Kits, and Giveaways→ Welcome employees back to work, thank customers for their support, and make event attendees feel safe with touchless tools, sterilizers, safety kits, and more protective items.
Employee Protection→ When social distancing isn’t possible sneeze guards and other dividers act as protective barriers between customers and employees without compromising the in-person interaction and connection. Whether you need to protect checkout counters, open areas, or divide shared tabletops, we have portable countertop and full-standing shields available.

Working From Home
10 Best Conference Call Services for 2020→ With working remotely becoming the new normal, a conference call service is a must. We've rounded up the 10 best conference call apps of 2020.
10 Best Online Collaboration Tools of 2020→ We’ve compiled a list of the top tools designed to collaborate with coworkers and make your life easier. These remote-friendly tools allow you to access notes, share files, assign tasks, and much more in an all-in-one platform. 
6 Best Practices for Working From Home→ For those of us who are used to going into the office, working from home is a significant adjustment. We’ve put together a list of six best practices to help make the transition from your office to your home as smooth as possible.
6 Best Practices for Working From Home with Kids→ In an effort to help working parents simultaneously manage working remotely and parenting, we’ve rounded up the six best practices for working from home with kids
Best Bodyweight Home Workouts. No Gym and No Equipment Needed→ For those who regularly workout in a gym, transitioning to working out at home without access to equipment can be a struggle. We have compiled some of our favorite bodyweight exercises and free online workout streaming services to help you stay fit without a gym.
Best Home Workout Equipment. Tips for Staying Fit Without a Gym→ We may not be able to go to the gym but thanks to this comprehensive list detailing the best home workout equipment, we can bring the gym home to us.  

Best Home Celebrations for Birthdays, Graduations, New Babies, Engagements, & more!→ From proms to graduations, baby showers to birthdays, and engagements to anniversaries, we have you covered with creative ideas on how to celebrate while social distancing at home.
Graduation Yard Signs→ Celebrate the 2020 graduates in your life, school, or community with custom graduation yard signs.
Happy Birthday Yard Signs→ Use these custom Birthday designs to safely celebrate any Birthday! 
Appreciation Yard Signs→ Show your community support and show the healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers in your community how much you appreciate them with custom yard signs. 
Welcome Baby Yard Signs Welcome any new baby into the world and celebrate their arrival with a custom-designed yard sign. 

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