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Rachel Morris
10 Funny and Surprising Golf Signs

Golf can be a fun game to watch. Sometimes the funniest thing on the golf..

Rachel Morris
Greening Your Meeting - What's Your Sign Footprint?

For meeting planners looking for cost-effective ways to "green" their..

Rachel Morris
Brain Food to Serve when You're a Meeting Planner
Rachel Morris
MPI'S NEW Focus - A Stronger Pipeline of Female Leaders

With over 80% of its members being women, Meeting Professional International..

Rachel Morris
BIG NEWS! We'd like to announce...

We'd like to announce that our company President, Charles (Charlie) Wiemers,..

Rachel Morris
No Candy Hearts? Krispy Kreme's got you!

After news broke that consumers couldn't get their hands on their beloved..

Rachel Morris
Do We Know What Meeting Planners Really Want?

Getting inside the mind of a Meeting Planner is one of the hardest things to..

Rachel Morris
Top 5 Hottest Trends for Greening your Meeting

In 2019 there will be a substantial shift in meetings to be more..

Rachel Morris
How Color Can Impact Your Attendees Well-being

When deciding on a theme for your event, colors play an important role. As..

Charlie Wiemers
Meeting Signage 2.0

The Ubiquitous Easel Sign

Rachel Morris
Healthy Snack Options for Meeting Planners on the Go

When it comes to being a meeting planner, you have little to no time to fuel..

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